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Way of the Unending Assault[edit]

Those who train under the Way of the Unending Assault don't only train for battle, they revel in it. As they fight, their ki has been honed to create a positive feedback loop of power, something referred to as "Tiger's Lust". In essence, the longer they fight, the stronger they become.

A majority of those who follow this tradition can be best described as warmongers. They seek the massive battlefields, where the warriors on both sides are plentiful.

Tiger's Lust

When you take this Monastic Tradition at 3rd level, whenever you spend one or more ki point you gain a stack of Tiger's Lust. For every stack of this you have, your unarmed damage increases by 1. You lose all of your current stacks if you have not attacked or been attacked since your last turn. If you have five or more stacks of this, you can use Flurry of Blows without spending a ki point.

Blackout Kick

Starting at 6th level, anytime you have at least one stack of Tiger's Lust, and reduce a creature's hit points to 0 or a creature fails it's saving throw versus your Stunning Strike, you regain 1 ki point. You cannot gain ki points this way more than once per round.

Relentless Fury

Starting at 11th level, Anytime you have at least one stack of Tiger's Lust, you reduce all damage you take by half of your stacks of Tiger's Lust, rounded down(minimum 1), before resistance or vulnerability.


Starting at 17th level, Anytime you have at least one stack of Tiger's Lust you may choose to spend 5 ki points to enter a state of Savagery. You instantaneously gain 4 stacks of Tiger's Lust, and for every unarmed strike you make after the first on your turn, you gain a +1 to hit. Savagery ends after a minute, or if you lose your stacks of Tiger's Lust.

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