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Way of Lightning[edit]

Monk Subclass

While every monastic tradition will focus on honing the body on some level, the way of lightning is nearly an extremist tradition in this regard. Their blows are so incredibly quick, they generate massive amounts of static electricity, which is then multiplied thousandfold by their ki. This can cause a punch to possibly shatter eardrums with the thunderous booms they generate, or a kick to shed massive amounts of light as they crackle with power.

The tradition carries almost no belief beyond their physical practice, and most others consider them cowards, incapable of deciding, or taking a stand on most things. Very few are willing to say these things to their faces though, as that quickly ends in electricity burns.

Storm Strike

Starting at 3rd level, you learn the shocking grasp and lightning lure cantrips, using Wisdom as your casting modifier. Additionally, you can use 1 Ki point to cast either as a bonus action.


At 6th level, whenever you would take lightning damage, you instead gain a ki point.

Body of Sparks

Starting at 11th level, whenever you spend ki points as a bonus action, you can act as if you Dashed, Dodged, and Disengaged until the start of your next turn.

Additionally, whenever you make a Flurry of Blows, you can replace one of these attacks by casting shocking grasp or lightning lure, one per Flurry of Blows.


Even after striking, you leave massive charges of electricity, which only multiplies when others have been hit. Starting at 17th level, When you hit more then one creature in a single round, at the end of your turn, you can expend Ki points equal to the amount of creatures you hit. Each creature you hit earlier on your turn takes 2d8 lightning damage for every ki point you spend.

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