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Way of the Broken Thief[edit]

Monk Subclass

Not all monks are gifted the luxury of a comfortable, if scarce, life of training and enlightenment. The Way of the Broken Theif represent this greatly. Their ranks are made up of raiders, the teachings originally offered during hard times, now sullied by those they were meant to defend against. In essence, it teaches it’s acolytes to take every advantage they can manage, as dirty as they may be.

Due to it’s generally “civilian” usage, very few manage to breach the higher echelons of enlightenment. However, the few that have seriously studied and practiced it’s teachings have proven capable of just about turning any attack onto the attacker.

Outlaw Training

Starting at 3rd level, when you make a Flurry of Blows, you can impose one of the following effects on a hit. You can only do this once per Flurry of Blows.

  • They must make a Strength saving throw against your Ki Save DC or be knocked prone.
  • They have disadvantage on their next saving throw or skill check, until the start of their next turn.
  • They reduce their next damage roll by your Wisdom modifier.
Spell Catcher

Starting at 6th level, you can use Deflect Missiles against ranged spell attacks.


Starting at 11th level, you can spend a bonus action and 2 ki points to enter the reversal stance. The next time you are hit by an attack, the next time you make an unarmed strike, or use Copycat, you add half that attack’s damage to yours.


Starting at 17th level, when you are targeted or hit by an attack, whether weapon or spell, you use a reaction, and spend 5 ki. You count as resistant to the damage dealt, if you weren’t already, and on your next turn, you may use an action to make the same attack as if you were them, at no cost(i.e. if it was a spell, it doesn’t take a spell slot).

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