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Way of the Broken Thief[edit]

Monks of this type are similar to Way of the Shadow, only with a less magical way about handling their opponents. They commonly use cheap tactics to outsmart their opponents, who usually defeat themselves after these monks mimic their abilities.

Outlaw Training

Starting at level 3, you gain the following attack options, which you can take as a bonus action granted by your Martial Arts or as part of your Flurry of Blows:

Dirty Fighting. You throw a powder (dirt, sand etc.) into your enemy's face, blinding them until they spend an action to clear their eyes. This deals no damage.

Below the belt. You hit the enemy in one of the weak spots on the body, making them roll a constitution saving throw. If they succeed they will take a d4 bludgeoning damage. If they fail, they will take a d6 bludgeoning damage and be incapacitated until they make a constitution saving throw.

Have a lay down. Being able to pinpoint and exploit weaknesses in your opponent is one of the basics of being a Broken Thief. In this case it's really effective as you hit them where it really hurts, making them prone on a failed Constitution save against your ki save DC until someone helps them get up. This is an unarmed strike which uses your Martial Arts die for damage, and causes their speed to be reduced by 10 upon a critical hit. If they attempt to move after standing up, they take 1 piercing damage for every foot of movement. This lasts until a greater restoration, heal, or regeneration spell is cast upon them.

Spell Catcher

Starting at level 6, you can use Deflect Missiles in a similar way to casting counterspell. You use your Charisma to make the check. If successful, you can cast the spell back at the original caster, as if they were the target, at the cost of ki points equal to the spell's level. You can raise the level of the counterspell at the cost of 2 ki points per level.

Ability Thief

Starting at level 11, your ki-empowered strikes allow you to magically steal abilities from opponents. When you hit a creature with a monk weapon, you can spend 3 ki points to make a Charisma check. The DC equals the level of a feature you intend to steal, or the creature's current level/CR if the previous isn't provided. Upon success, they lose the use of that feat for 1 minute, and you gain it. If the feat has limited uses, any uses you expend will count as expended when the feat returns to the creature. You can take features such as Eldritch Invocations and Channel Divinity, but you can't steal spellcasting ability or abilities you do not have the physiology to use, such as a Ghost's incorporeal abilities. You can spend 5 ki points to steal a damage resistance for the duration, or spend 7 ki points to steal a condition immunity. You can have a number of abilities stolen equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1).


Starting at level 17, you can copy the actions of a creature you have seen within the past 1 hour. To do so, you must have the physiology required to copy the action (i.e. making a multi-attack with multiple appendages means you must have that number of appendages, or use of a swallow attack requires you to be able to fit that creature into your stomach). Using this ability requires an action.

Weapon. If you choose to copy a weapon attack or natural weapon attack, you can spend 4 ki points to create a smoky image of that weapon in your hand or around it. It deals the same damage and has the same attack and damage modifiers, unless yours are higher. It counts as a monk and a finesse weapon.

Spell. If you choose to cast a spell that the creature has or to use a spell ability, you spend ki points equal to the spell's level. If it does not have one, you must make a Charisma check with DC equal to the effect's DC or its attack bonus + 2. Upon success, you can use that spell at the cost of 2 ki points during any of your turns for the next 1 minute.

Magical Effect. If you choose to copy a magical effect that targets a creature, make a Charisma check against your opponent's Charisma check. If you win, you can use the ability at the cost of 3 ki points. If the effect heals the creature, instead use 5 ki to use the ability within the next minute. If used against an ally, the ally can choose to fail their check.

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