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Way of the Long Blade[edit]

While not as quick or agile as most other monks, those who follow the Way of the Long Blade are easily twice as devastating. They are calm and calculating, biding their time before they can land a massive hit with their huge melee weapons, at least huge by monk standards.

A Long Blade Monk. Source
The Long Blade

Upon following this Monastic Tradition at 3rd level, choose two melee weapons with the heavy property. These become monk weapons for you. You may choose another weapon at 6th, 11th, and 17th level. Additionally, whenever you land a critical hit with one of these monk weapons, you regain 1 lost ki point.

Long Blade Techniques

Also at 3rd level, you have learned how to channel your ki into heavier weapons in specific ways, allowing you to preform certain techniques with these weapons. When you hit a creature with a heavy monk weapon on your turn, you may use a bonus action to do one of the following to the same creature.

  • The target must make a Strength saving throw against your Ki Save DC, or be either knocked prone or moved 15 feet away from you.
  • The target must make a Constitution saving throw against your Ki Save DC, or have disadvantage on their next attack against you.
Heavy Ki

Your soul permeates even the blades you swing, allowing you to slice at even the incorporeal. At 6th level, any melee attack made with a heavy monk weapon is considered magical for the purposes of overcoming resistances and immunities.

Colossal Parry

At 6th level, when you are targeted by a melee weapon attack, you can use your reaction to add your Wisdom modifier to your AC, potentially causing the attack to miss.

Kinetic Followup

At 11th level, you can spend up to 6 ki points as an action. For every 2 ki points you spend, the next time you make an attack with a monk weapon with the heavy property, on a hit, the target counts as vulnerable to the damage dealt. If they were resistant or immune to the damage dealt(while Heavy Ki takes effect), they do not become vulnerable but don't count as resistant or immune.

Sheer Force

At 17th level, when you hit something with a heavy monk weapon, and you have not yet spent all of your movement, you can spend 6 ki points to put all of your force into this blow. You deal additional damage equal to the movement you have not spent รท 2, rounding down, not including movement gained from dashing. When you do this, your movement speed is set to 0 until the end of your next turn, and cannot be changed otherwise.

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