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Way of the Sacred Form[edit]

Many who follow the Way of the Sacred Form are quite similar to paladins, for a matter of reasons. As part of their training, they carve small holy symbols and runes all over their bodies, and swear their service to a god, or several. In doing this, they are granted a shred of divine power, shaping and enhancing both their body, mind, and soul.

While doing this leads to great power, they are still subject to the will of their divine patrons. Those that go against the rules of these deities are quickly stripped of their power, and little beyond large acts of repentance will bring it back, and it hardly happens more than once.

Godly Body

Starting at 3rd level, your meditation about the gods give to your body some abilities.

  • You can sense the presence of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet. You can use an action to learn which type it is, and how far away it is.
  • When you deal damage with an unarmed strike, you can choose for it to deal radiant damage instead.
Concentrated Techniques

Also at 3rd level, the divinity which flows through your body has reshaped and empowered some of it's abilities.

  • When using Flurry of Blows, none of the attacks can have disadvantage.
  • When using Patient Defense, you cannot be hit by ranged weapon attacks.
  • When using Step of the Wind, you can also make an unarmed attack as a bonus action if you made an attack action.
Deific Enemy

The marks on your body are anathema to those your deity has a grudge against. Starting at 6th level, choose one creature type, or two subtypes of humanoids. When you make an unarmed attack against this creature type, they take an additional 1d4 radiant damage.

Divine Imprints

The markings covering your body grow stronger again. Starting at 11th level, when you use either Flurry of Blows, Patient Defence, or Step of the wind, you can spend an extra ki point to gain the following bonus, respectively.

  • You make an additional attack.
  • You cannot be hit by an attack that doesn't come from more than 5 feet away.
  • You take both the Dash and Disengage action, instead of one.

At 17th level, you can spend an action at 4 ki points overflow the energy in your runes, granting you masses of power. You gain the following.

  • You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed.
  • You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
  • Flurry of Blows, Patient Defence, and Step of the Wind no longer cost ki points.

This lasts for 1 minute, or until you end it as a bonus action.

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