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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

The Liquidform Hand is a flat, metal cover for a stump, starting at the wrist. generally coming in silver, with minimal extra design, it is a rather simplistic piece when not in use.

However, when attached, the user can then pour a liquid of their choice onto the cover, as it then holds onto it, and contains it. after doing this, the liquid can take the shape of a hand, and move around freely as it rapidly unfreezes and refreezes parts of the hand as needed.

Additionally, the user of the Liquidform Hand can set other presets, which allow it to take different forms, allowing someone to easily swap tools, or never go unarmed.

Liquid Form. After a long rest, you can choose up to 5 non-magical one handed objects you've seen, such as a shortsword, a lockpick, or a shield. As a bonus action, you can turn the shape of your Liquidform Hand into and out of that object, and can manipulate it as if you were holding it normally. A weapon created in this way is a +1 magical version of itself. You must have seen an object before to manifest it, and must have an item within 5 feet of you throughout the long rest to create an exact copy.

Anti-Magic Susceptibility. When affected by Anti-Magic Susceptibility, all of the liquid falls out of place. After taking an action to fix this however, the liquid does not come back. They must pour five liters of a liquid back onto the cover before regaining use.

For additional rules, see the Marvelous Magitech Enhancements and Replacements page.

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