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Do you crave a replacement for that arm you lost years ago? Perhaps you feel that you're missing a few extra useful appendages? Or do you simply hold the correct belief that the flesh is weak? If you agree with any of these, Marvelous Magitech Enhancements and Replacements might just be right for you! Through the power of magical technology, refered to as Magitech, you can get that missing limb back, as well as a few you didn't know you were missing! By browsing through our catalogue, we assure you that we can find something that suits you, money back guarantee!

Contained in this sourcebook is a collection of magic items designed for high-magic settings, generally meant to replace and enhance different parts of a characters body. Alongside these are clarifications and rules for using these magic items, such as special attunement and anti-magic susceptibility.

Classification and Other Rules[edit]


In this sourcebook, there are two different types of magical items, those being Enhancements and Replacements.


Magic items classified as enhancements add to the body. Items like extra prehensile limbs, a set of mechanical wings for wingless races, or even additional organs are classified as Enhancements.

Enhancements attach to, or insert in, the body part category they fall under, however the item descriptions will be more specific. For example, an enhancement might need to be inserted into a specific part of the brain, or the palm of a hand. They do not insert themselves.

To attune to one of these items, you must keep the enhancement in the same place for a short rest, and removing the item at any point immediately unattunes you to the item.


Magic items classified as enhancements replace parts of the body. Items such as new arms, mechanical eyes, and treads for legs are classified as Replacements.

Replacements only replace the area of the body part category they fall under, however the item descriptions will be more specific. For example, an item that replaces an arm may only replace the forearm, or a set of legs might replace everything up to the waist.

After setting a Replacement in its correct location, it immediately attaches and attunes to you. It cannot be removed by anyone but you by choice, and doing so immediately unattunes you to the item.

Anti-Magic Susceptibility[edit]

Every item in this sourcebook is effected when entering an Anti-Magic Zone, or when disabled by a similar effect. When this happens, they are affected by the feature in the description labeled Anti-Magic Susceptibility, until the target uses an action to end the effect after they leave the Anti-Magic Zone or the effect ends.

Item List[edit]







Type 80 Integrated Thundercaster (5e Equipment)


Urbraxus Assault Prosthetic (5e Equipment)


Liquidform Hand (5e Equipment)

Very Rare[edit]

Twinstrike Arm (5e Equipment)




Ever Beating Heart (5e Equipment)



Dunestalker Legs (5e Equipment)


Spine of the Unkillable (5e Equipment)

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