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Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

The Twinstrike Arm is a pair of sleek metallic arms, connected at the shoulder. It comes in many different colors, most commonly black and grey, with golden trim. While not being the prettiest model of prosthetic arm, it more than makes up for it in utility. Besides the second arm, it features powerful servos, allowing even physically weaker users to punch like giants.

Third Hand. You now have an extra hand, however, the arm cannot help hold a two handed weapon, and it does not gain any benefit from holding a shield.

Twin Strike. Whenever you make an attack as a bonus action, you can also make an attack with your extra hand. You cannot add your ability modifier to the damage.

Powerful Servos. When you are attuned to this item, your Strength score cannot be lower than 18.

Anti-Magic Susceptibility. When affected by Anti-Magic Susceptibility, the Twinstrike Arm goes completely limp, and you drop whatever you were holding in those arms. You cannot use the arms to attack, grapple, or anything else that would require a hand.

For additional rules, see the Marvelous Magitech Enhancements and Replacements page.

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