Dual Wands of Spell Twinning (5e Equipment)

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Wand, Legendary (requires Attunement by Spellcaster)

These two wands of Ebony can be dual wielded. They can be used as an arcane focus. When the caster casts a spell and uses these wands as an arcane focus, they are able to use their bonus action to copy the effects of the spell cast.

If the spell is of 6th level or higher, the caster must make an Arcana check against a DC equal to 10 plus the spell's level. If they Succeed, the spell is Twinned. If they fail, their bonus action is wasted. If the spell is 5th level or lower, no Arcana check is necessary. In order to copy a spell using these wands, the spell must meet the requirements of, and has all the restrictions of, the Sorcerer's Twin Spell Meta Magic. This effect stacks with the Sorcerer's Twinned Spell Meta Magic, effectively making the spell take effect 4 times, but the caster must make the Arcana check regardless of spell level, and they make the Arcana check with disadvantage.

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