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Wands, Featured and Quality

These articles have been vetted through the Featured Articles or Quality Articles process and are suitable for any normal campaign.

Magic Wand Rarity Type


Magic Wand Rarity Type
Antimagic Arcannon very rare
Arcannon rare
Banewand very rare
Chaelu's Wand of the Frigid Grasp rare
Combat Wand Common
Contradimensional Wand very rare
Corazon's Wand of Greater Fire Bolts rare
Cursed Arcannon very rare
Disposable Crystal Wand rare
Dual Wands of Spell Twinning Legendary
Eleshi's Wand of Blinding Sacred Flames rare
Ling Kuo's Magnificent Ink Brush legendary
Maltheur's Wand of Supreme Frost Rays rare
Photon Wand Uncommon (requires the Spellcasting feature)
Polar Wand legendary
Shadow Blade of the War Mage rare
Spell-less Spellman's Spellcaster common
Stele uncommon
Temporal Wand legendary
The Wand of Unstable Arcane Force rare
True Wand legendary
Wand of Catapult uncommon
Wand of Confusion very rare
Wand of Conjuration very rare
Wand of Consumption rare
Wand of Creation legendary
Wand of Crippling rare
Wand of Fingers rare
Wand of Greater Consumption legendary
Wand of Grim uncommon
Wand of Healing uncommon
Wand of Heaven's Fire very rare
Wand of Hydrokinesis very rare
Wand of Ice Storms rare
Wand of Icicles rare
Wand of Misfortune rare
Wand of Negation legendary
Wand of Overexertion varies
Wand of Paracusia rare
Wand of Prestidigitation common
Wand of Pudding Legendary
Wand of Quoitwil common
Wand of Resistance very rare
Wand of Smiles, Variant uncommon
Wand of Sparkling common
Wand of Spellstoring varies
Wand of the Elements uncommon
Wand of the Spellslinger uncommon (+1), rare (+2), or very rare (+3)
Wand of the Whispering Dead rare
Wand of Thunderwave uncommon
Wand of Todd very rare
Wand of Warding rare
Wand of Wasting rare
Wand of Witch Bolt rare
Wandgun, Eldritch Blast uncommon
Wishbone of Tuning very rare
Yrrdun's Wand of Volatile Acid Splashes rare

April Fools Wands

Magic Wand Rarity Type
Banana Gun uncommon
Wand of Magic Farts common

Incomplete Wands

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