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Wand, rare

This pen is made of Rowan or Elder wood, with a tracery of mithril that forms a nib at the base. The nib adapts to the scribe's needs, and changes shape to suit the work being done. All text written with it looks like starlight, which makes it easy to read in low light or darkness, but difficult in bright light.

The primary function of the pen is it acts as a wand of Glyph of Warding, costing a number of charges equal to the number of charges expended. The Glyph uses your proficiency and Intelligence modifier to determine spell save, though the DC does not change after being scribed.

The pen can also be used to reduce the cost of scribing spells into a spell book, reducing the price by half per page. This expends 1 charge per page. (At the DM's discretion, this can also effect the cost of scribing spell scrolls.)

The final use of the pen is that as long as it has at least 1 charge remaining, it has an endless supply of ink for mundane text.

It has 9 charges and recovers 1d4+2 when the first star is visible. If no stars can be seen all night, it only recovers 2 charges. If kept in a location where stars are visible more often, it can recover charges every 12 hours. If the wand runs out of charges roll a 1d20. On a 5 or less, the wand loses 1 maximum charge until it is cleaned, a process that costs 500gp. If there were 2 or more maximum charges drained, the wand loses 1 permanently. When the pen has no maximum charges it sublimates into starlight.

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