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Wondrous item, rare

An arcane door is a set of two metal bars, linked by fine shimmering electrum chains. You can spend an action to seal a doorway by placing one bar on each side. The chains stretch across the doorway, then expand at right angles into a shimmering golden wall of force. The wall is solid and extends into the ethereal plane. Wisdom (Perception) checks made through the doorway are made with disadvantage.
The arcane door can be deactivated and reactivated by the creature that sealed the doorway by speaking the command word within 30 feet of it. A dispel magic spell can deactivate the arcane door, for which it is effectively a 7th level spell. The wall can also be physically broken with a DC 25 Strength check, which deactivates the arcane door. The metal bars cannot be removed from the doorway while the arcane door is active.

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