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April Fools!
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Wondrous item, very rare

A wondrous creation by the wisest astral self monk to ever exist. This masterpiece was created by the modification of a bag of holding. When you reach into this bag you pull out 1d8 pieces of bacon every time.1 piece of bacon is worth 100 gp and provides 10 days of food and water to any creature, giving a creature a -9 to a subsequent days without food and water count.The bacon is prized by fey that it is woth 100000 gp to them, due to echoes of they feywild.This bacon has a taste given by the creator and does count as vegatable matter. A piece of bacon can be used for goodberry, summoning bacon that heals 10 gp. If this bacon is cloned by creation, it stays until eaten and can be used for goodberry.


Some bacon that has come out of the Bag of Bacon


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