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Tattoo of Power[edit]

Wondrous item, Rarity Varies

A Tattoo of Power is magical tattoo. It can move around on the body of the person it is scribed on, moving of it's own free will. Each tattoo has a diffrent personality, and each one grants one of the following features to the person it is scribed on. A tattoo has regular vision out to a range of 60ft, can speak common and 1-6 other languages, can hear to the same range as its vision, and can communicate telepathically with the person it is scribed on. Tattoos can move to a different person's body if they want to, but only if the person that it is on and the person it is moving to are touching each other. A tattoo has a name of its own choosing. A tattoo can depict anything, but usually dragons or other powerful monsters. A tattoo of power has 1-5 of the below traits. For spellcasting traits, the spellcasting ability is either Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom (DM's choice) The rarity depends on how many traits the tattoo has, 1=uncommon, 2-3=rare, 4-5=very rare. Each tattoo has its own personality, and 8-20 for Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. A tattoo that doesn't like its master can choose to negate its positive traits.

-the person the tattoo is scribed upon gains +2 AC

-the person the tattoo is scribed upon can cast 1 1st level spell of the DM's choice once with this trait every day.

-the person the tattoo is scribed upon gains +2 to damage rolls.

-the person the tattoo is scribed upon can cast 1 cantrip through the tattoo (DM's choice which).

-the person the tattoo is scribed upon gains +2 to 1 type of saving throw (DM's choice).

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