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Potion, rare

For 1 hour after you drink this potion, you are immune to the surprised condition. Additionally, once within that same hour, you can use your action to make a prediction about what lies briefly ahead. Choose a room you can see but haven't entered yet, a spherical area with a 30 foot diameter within 100 feet of you while outside, or the room or area you are currently in. You can make one of the following predictions about the location of your choice:

Predict Encounter
You can tell if the chosen location contains creatures. If there are creatures, you know where they are in the location, and the basics of what they are doing (Hiding, talking, fiddling with an object, etc. You don't learn any more precise information than that, like what a creature is saying for example.). If you tell other creatures this knowledge, they can't be surprised by the creatures either.
Predict Integrity
You can tell if the chosen location contains an environmental or structural hazard that wasn't put into the location on purpose. If there is one, you can tell how to avoid it (But not where it is).
Predict Trap
You can tell if the chosen location contains any traps. If there is one, you learn where the trigger mechanism for it is (But not what it is), if any.

(DM Note: As a general rule of thumb, traps are intentionally built by someone, but hazards are not. A collapsing floor could be a hazard, but a hidden trapdoor is certainly meant to drop someone through it.)

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