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Potion, Common

Joy takes the form of a small round Neon blue pill, around the size of a tictac. if one were to swallow it, they would begin to feel nothing, both emotional and physical, and gain the following benefits for a number of rounds equal to 1d6 plus the users Con modifier: Resistance to Nonmagical Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing, as well as a +1 to your con and one stat of your choice for the durration.

After the effects wear off, the user must roll a wisdom saving throw (DC equals 10 plus the number of joy pills the person has taken in their life) or become Addicted. if an addicted player were to go a week or more without taking joy again, roll a d8 at the end of a long rest. on a 1, the addicted player has one level of exhaustion until their next short or long rest. you cannot gain more then 1 level of exhaustion this way, though it does stack with other sources.

Additionally, whenever an addicted player takes a long rest, have them roll a con save (DC is equal to the ammount of joy taken throught the indeviduals life.) on a fail, they mutate into a Joy Mutant. addiction can be cured by greater restoration, however once mutated only a wish can save them.

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