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Magic Item, Very Rare (Attunment and Consentration)

A magical bubble wand that creates a bubble large enough to trap a Medium or smaller creature. As an action, target a creature within 5ft of you. The bubble floats upward 20ft on your turn. The creature must make a Wisdom save. If they fail, they see what they would see from the bubble remained in in place. If they succeed, they see out normally.

The AC of the bubble is 20 from the inside, plus 3 if they failed. 17 from the outside. It has hitpoints equal to your spell casting ability score.

The bubble is automatically popped if it takes fire or cold damage. The bubble is immune to psychic, acid and poison damage. It fails all mental saving throws, it has physical stats equal to your spell casting ability score. (If you have no spell casting ability, use your highest mental stat.)

This can be used three times a day. However only one bubble may exist at a time. If you wish to, you may let the bubble pop. You may also allow the creature to auto save. Make a Consentration Check as normal if you take damage. A concentration check is not required if the bubble takes damage.

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