Bracelets of Time (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, Legendary (Requires attunment)

The green bracelets can change size to fit the wearers wrist after attuning. The bracelets can help the wearer land critical hits, not miss, predict moves of others and even heal through use of time.

Future gaze, defensive variant. 4-6 recharge You can look into the future on your turn to successfully dodge an attack, range or melee and magical. You can also increase your AC by 5 for one turn, but this cannot stack.

Future gaze, offensive variant. 4-6 recharge You look into the future, and your next attack will automatically hit, be a critical with an extra attack roll for damage. You can also either increase your next attack to instead deal an extra 4d12 magical force damage, this cannot stack.

Time heal You use the use of time warping to heal 8d6 or heal another target 8d6. This action can only be done once per short rest.

Time warp You gaze into the future to gain an advantage on all rolls except damage for the next 10 turns. This can only be done once per long rest. Cannot stack above 3 uses max.

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