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Wondrous item (Magical Focus), Legendary (Yes)

A floating crystal orb that seems to be frozen on the inside, if you look closely there seems to be a blue flame slowly dwindling.

Fuel the winter

By sacrificing a hit die and 5 hit points you may give one winter charge to the snow globe by one point, it takes 1 minute to do this or an action and 10 hit points instead of 5.

Winter Charges

The Eternal Winter Snowglobe may be used to do many different things with a varying amount of charges. Save DC:8+Prof+Con

Frost Level:1 charge abilities Frost Blast:A blast of arcane energy dealing 1d6+con ice damage Frost Blade:Summon a weapon of your choice but it's damage is a 1d8+Con ice damage. Lasts 1 minute or until dismissed Frost Armor:Your AC becomes 10+Dex+Con. Lasts 1 minute or until dismissed. Flash Frost:You may freeze up to a 5x5x5 cube of water and control it. Treat it as a mold earth cantrip

Cryo Level: 5 charge abilities Cryo Spear:Summon a large spear that flies forward making all enemies in a 5x30 ft line make a dex save dealing 3d6+con ice damage on failure or half as much on success.Damage increases by 1d6 for every extra winter charge. Cryocicle:You may make an opportunity attack on anyone who leaves or enters a ten foot circle around you summoning a wave of icicles in their direction, dealing 2d4+con ice damage. This state lasts for 1 minute. Cryostasis:You may freeze yourself,dropping your hit points to 1 and gaining 300 temporary hitpoints in the form of ice encasing you. The Ac of the Ice Shard is 25 and cannot be damaged by nonmagical weapons. Cryo stasis lasts 1 hour and can be renewed for 1 winter charge. If you are forcefully brought out of this state take 3 levels of exhaustion.

Glacial Level:25 charge abilities Glacial formation:Turn up to 600,000 gallons (about the size of an olympic swimming pool) of water into ice, shaping it to your whim. For every extra winter charge used while using this ability, you may turn an extra 100,000 gallons of water. Glacial Armor: Gain frost armor and a frost blade along with a climb speed of 10xCon. Along with this melee attacks that miss you let you make a cryocicle opportunity attack. this state lasts 1 minute

Absolute Zero:50 charge abilities Zero Cancel:As a reaction cancel a level 5 or lower spell and deal 1d4+Con ice damage per spell level. For every 10 extra charges used you raise the cap of the countered spells level. Absolute Zero Storm:Change the climate of 350 sq miles of land to a frosted land, intensity is your choice. the effect lasts for 1 day and may be increased by 1 day for each extra winter charge used. Absolute Winter Strike:on a successful attack freeze an opponent for 1d10 turns. While frozen they take 1d4-their Con in ice damage. They are considered incapacitated.

Eternal Winter: For 100 winter charges you may become the avatar of ice for 1 minute. While in this state you may use any winter charge ability at will. When you end this state you take 1 level of exhaustion and roll a d20, on a 1 the orb shatters.

Winter's Folly

The winter charges stored take a toll on the attuned user giving these drawbacks with each level reached.

10 charges:You now have ice resistance, your skin is now always cold and seems almost dead. 25 charges:Poison takes 2 times longer to flow through your body giving advantage on poison saves, your hair has bleached and become white you gain a -5 to charisma checks 50 charges:You gain -10 movement speed. You now use flash frost freely a number of times equal to your con modifier per long rest. 75 charges:Your eyes are a pale white...You are now blind but gain a blindsight of 100 ft. This sight becomes 10 feet while in a desert. 100 charges:Water freezes when withing 5 feet of you, including plants. Above 100:take 1d10 damage every hour.

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