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Wondrous item, very rare

The All-Purpose Pocket Dimension is a portable gateway to a private space which is unaffected by the world outside. The All-Purpose Pocket Dimension appears as a small glass sphere with a white platform inside of it. When rubbed, the sphere will teleport the user, anything the user is touching or holding onto with their hands, and anyone else touching the sphere at the time into itself. Within the Pocket Dimension there is a white platform made of an unknown stone-like material. The platform is 20ft by 20ft and the roof is 20ft upward. The platform is surrounded lined with black, non-transparent, glass-like walls.

If the All-Purpose Pocket Dimension is rubbed whilst being held in the user's two hands, the sphere will fall to the ground directly below where it was. Onlookers who are to look at the sphere can see a real-time, miniaturized version of what is happening inside the sphere through the sphere's glass surface.

To exit the Pocket Dimension, users within the sphere can rub the black, glass walls to be teleported out.

Teleporting into or out of the All-Purpose Pocket Dimension takes one Action if used during combat. As the All-Purpose Pocket Dimension is a Magical Item, both the interior and exterior of the Pocket Dimension is indestructible.

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