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Wondrous Item, legendary (Only those who truly wish to be a hero may read this book.)

In archives of a lost civilization, a small book was found. it was in perfect condition through all the rubble. But when the excavators opened it, it was empty. They were astonished that such massive book had not a single word written in it. The book was taken to, the a kingdom high in the Celestial Mountains to be kept in its archives. People all around the world came to see this blank book. But one small young woman took a look at it herself. Through many magical marvels it began writing itself! She read it thinking it was a book about to write her adventure for the world to see. But something wasn't right. It was writing a date and then began writing about another world and other people. At first she merely thought it was the ancient people but soon realized that this book was writing about the current events from another world, someone was about to start their quest to save the world just like her. She began to wonder if there was a book just like this one writing about her in this mysterious world she began to read about.

Effects: Intentionally this is a good plot item for DM's to use in connecting two stories or two sessions together. The book is to be taken to a spire in each of the worlds and must have their titles read at the exact same time. Doing so will forever connect the worlds together, however that is not to say that the people of the worlds will suddenly accept this.

Inspiring the Hero Inside You: Only one person may keep the book in their inventory and it is impossible to lose it through non-magical means. The person may read the book every night to gain inspiration for the next day. If unused in the time of 24 hours, the user will lose the inspiration and must read the book again.

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