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Potion, uncommon

While experts debate whether this liquid is dangerous enough to be considered a poison or benign enough to be considered a potion, it is nevertheless not beneficial for the drinker. The potion takes the consistence, texture, appearance, taste and smell of any liquid it is poured into, as long as the quantity of potion poured is smaller than that of the original liquid. An identify spell reveals it as a Potion of Gobbledygook, a detect poison spell reveals it as a nigh-harmless potion, and a detect magic spell may reveal the presence of the transmutation magic that allows the potion to take the attributes of other liquids. When drunk, this potion forces the imbiber to speak unintelligible gibberish for 1d6 hours; for the first minute, the imbiber will be completely unaware of this, and confused or perhaps outraged at the fact that nobody seems to understand them. After 1 minute, they will begin to hear their own speech as gibberish as well. Their thoughts are not affected, and they may proceed to communicate through body language, or through grunts and other non-verbal sounds. Additionally, they are not, in any way, forced to speak, and the potion may be effectively wasted if its drinker simply chooses not to speak for its duration.

When not immersed in other liquids, the unaltered version of this potion has a constantly swirling yet unidentifiable pattern, and no recognizable color. Instead, all those who regard the potion without knowing its true nature will simply see it as liquid, bottled confusion. Those aware of its effect can correctly identify it in this state, regardless of its inconsistent appearance.

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