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Potion, Legendary

This vial contains the magically imbued blood of an ancient dragon. Those who are powerful enough to withstand its effects are granted the power of a Dragon.

When you drink this potion, make a Strength save. You suffer d10s of damage to the dragon's element, as determined by the DM, equal to the difference between your roll and 20 (min 10). This damage ignores any damage reduction or effects that the user may have in place. If the user dies while consuming this, their soul is consumed in the element and they cannot be resurrected.

If you survive, you are blessed with the power of a dragon and gain the following effects:

Dragon Blood: You gain the effects of sorcerer's Draconic bloodline, if you don't already have them. Your highest class level will be used to determine what level you are in the draconic bloodline.

Dragonkin: Dragons recognize you as one of their kin. Most dragons are non-hostile towards you by default, but this is not universally true.

Dragon Fury: You gain the barbarian's rage ability once per long rest, or if you already have it you gain one additional use per long rest. While you are raging, your draconic power surges forth, creating a bloodrage. Bloodraging lasts 1 minute longer than regular barbarian rage. While bloodraging your skin grows scales, increasing your AC by 2. You gain the Dragonborn's Breath weapon, appropriate for your level and dragon type. If you have draconic wings, you gain a flying speed equal to double your walking speed and your sense of smell grants you blindsight with a range of 10 feet. While bloodraging, you count as a dragon AND your normal type for the purpose of spells or effects that target dragons.

Arcane Bloodrage: You count as a sorcerer of your highest class level for the purposes of spellcasting (including cantrips), sorcery points, & metamagic, learning spells and gaining spell slots appropriate for this level. You do not gain any other sorcerer class features. If you are already a sorcerer, you instead gain one additional spell slot for each level you have at least 1 spell slot in. You may only use slots and spells granted by this effect while bloodraging, and casting these spells is permitted while bloodraging. If you are not in a bloodrage you will not be able to cast these spells unless you are already a sorcerer. Your casting ability for these spells ONLY can be either your Charisma or your Constitution.

The blood increases your lifespan to that of a Dragon's. These effects can be passed on to your offspring.


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