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Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

The die of the elements is a legendary weapon, that when used, can cast a spell of any of the 6 elements, fire, air, earth, water, lightning, or death. This item is normally a gift of the gods, or a weapon found in the ruins of a long-forgotten temple. Though there are very few in the universe, a few exist, calling attention to the towns that play host to these tiny weapons of mass destruction.

Elemental Affinity. While attuned to the die, you are able to take an action to roll the die. Anyone not attuned to this item while someone who is attuned to it lives will be unable to lift it. When rolled, one of 6 effects will happen:

You cast the spell wall of thorns (spell save DC 18) without the material components at its base level.
You cast the spell tsunami (spell save DC 18) at its base level.
You cast the spell scorching ray as a 5th level spell. When you make the spell's attack, you do so with a bonus of +10.
You cast the spell power word kill at its base level.
You cast the spell witch bolt without the material component as a 6th level spell. When you make the spell's attack, you do so with a bonus of +10.
You cast the spell control weather without the material components.

Once the die has been rolled and the effect has happened, the die will teleport itself into the bearer's hand and it can not be used again for 1 minute.


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