The Potion of Yum Yum Time (5e Equipment)

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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

Potion, Legendary

This potion is contained in a bottle shaped like Grimace from McDonalds the bottle glows with a unearthly iridescent purple glow. To consume this potion one must use their great strength to rip off Grimace's head and chug the chunkily blood red liquid inside the bottle will try to struggle but it is already to late. After consumption the drinker must roll a DC 20 Constitution saving throw on a success everything looks more appetizing now, and health potions heal 50% more this effect will last for as long as the drinker remains alive. While on a failure you taste the inside of your own mouth, now you feel a voracious hunger for the flesh of man this effect last for a month, even your own, to cure this curse, one must make a DC 25 con save on a success the effect is stopped on a failure the effect lasts an additional 2d4 weeks and you can not try again until the next week each time you fail the DC goes up by 1. Every time you taste the flesh you must make another Constitution saving throw (equal to the number of days you have been affected + 15) on a fail the duration's timer restarts and if you succeed the timer doesn't restart.

You are considered affected by the Yum-Yum after if you fail the save 5 consecutive times, the effect becomes permanent and only wish can save you now. Greater restoration can only be used before the drinker fails 5 checks and descends into a unquenchable voracious hunger for all things your apatite ever growing and your capabilities of consuming larger and larger things grow with the passing days.

If you are bit by a creature under the effects of Yum-Yum Time you must also succeed a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or you too will be afflicted by the Yum-Yum. If there are more than 3 affected in one area they might team up to greater cause devastation.

The affected keep their mental stats, they are completely conscious of their actions but they cannot stop the Yum-Yum. Their physical stats how ever increase (+2 STR, +2 DEX, -6 CON), their speed increases as well by 20 ft (swimming, climbing, walking). They become Vulnerable to Fire from the excess of calories in the affected. The Affected also produce a large amount of saliva, grater than normal for their race. The Affected only go for your race or similar if they are similar to you (unless they have tasted other races then them selves they will go for only similar). If you managed to succeed the first DC 20 Constitution saving throw you are immune to the Yum-Yum lust and gluttony and the Affected will not go for you unless provoked or they have a lack of food. When subjected to the vacuum of space they will erupt violently in a gory mess.

Nothing is truly immune to the effects of the Yum-Yum for it is not a disease or poison but a devilishly crafted curse conceived of by some rather short sighted wizards who wanted to make things taste good they succeeded, some would say they succeeded too hard.


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