Mirror of Duplication (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, legendary

This mirror is made entirely of gold, with glass inlaid in the middle for the mirror. It depicts two identical figures on the top: each one grabbing the other's wrist, along with six runes along the sides of the frame. The mirror was made by a cult of tieflings for the purpose of creating armies, but the cult and their copies were all destroyed because any copy made by the mirror becomes corrupt quickly, with an uncontrollable desire to destroy the original and take their place in life.
In order for the mirror to copy an adventurer, the adventurer has to be looking into the mirror and touching the base of it. After holding the mirror in a such a way, a copy of the holder exits the mirror and stands before them wearing the same clothing and equipment. They have the same ability scores, class features, and racial traits as the holder of the mirror. If the holder of the mirror spoke, then the copy has the ability to speak any known languages the holder knows. Otherwise, the copy understands and can write the languages but cannot speak them. A copy created from this mirror stops existing only if it is killed.

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