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Wondrous item, common (requires attunement by someone who can read and write)

This magical book copies written and drawn information in the attuned user's handwriting and style. When you or another creature places a piece of paper or paper like material in this book and closes it, any pages in contact with written or drawn information copy the information onto themselves, in the handwriting and drawing style of the attuned user. Copying new information onto a page that has already been used erases the previous information.

While holding and attuned to this book, you can use a bonus action to think about a document that has been copied into the book, causing the book to fly open to the page it was copied onto.

If the book becomes attuned to a new creature, or the book loses attunement to any creature, all pages become blank.

A Book of Memory typically has 100 + 10d10 pages, each of which has two sides.

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