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Staff, legendary

The Primordial Staff

Object Description: A long staff made of unknown wood-like materia, its 2.1 meters long, weights 1.5 kg and has a shiny orb on its top. The orb keeps changing color until the element has been defined: Blue for water, Brown for Earth, Red for Fire, Grey for Air, Black for Chaos, White for Order, Yellow for Light, Purple for Darkness/Shadow, Light Green for Soul, Light Blue for Mind, Peal for Celestial, Dark red for Infernal, Deep Dark Blue for Time and Transparent for Null/Void.

The Orb emits a faint glow, so faint that you can hardly see it, even in complete darkness. The glow is always the negative color of the orb, the reason is unknown even for today's magicians.

This staff was created and used eons and eons ago by the first mages. There are 13 of them, one for each primordial element. Once one of the 13 are found, the element of the staff is not revealed, it must be revealed by performing a great magic of the same element of by studying the staff for years. The element can also be revealed at random, rolling a d10 + (d4 - 1):

0 - Water. 1 - Earth. 2 - Fire. 3 - Air. 4 - Chaos. 5 - Order. 6 - Light. 7 - Darkness/Shadow. 8 - Soul. 9 - Mind. 10 - Celestial. 11 - Infernal. 12 - Time. 13 - Null/Void.

The staff can ONLY be used spells that are based on its element, (I.E.: A void staff can only be used to cast a spell that deals with the Void Dimension, like, opening a portal to it). The staff will cast any spell as if they were using the 11th slot of magic. In case the staff is broken, the nearest magic user will NEVER be able to use magic of the element of the staff again.

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