Permanent Potion of Heroism (5e Equipment)

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Potion, Legendary

Design Note: This item uses the Permanent Potions homebrew ruleset.

When you drink this potion, you gain 10 temporary hit points that last until used. After all of these temporary hit points are expended, they return after a long rest (These temporary hit points return each long rest, but don't stack, meaning if you have any left when you take a long rest, they are wasted). These temporary hit points won't be restored while you are exhausted, but will return afterwards (Assuming you take another long rest to return them, though you can get them back during the same long rest as a long rest that removed your last exhaustion point). Additionally, you are indefinitely under the effects of the bless spell (no concentration required). However, effects that prevent spells from being cast stop this effect from working temporarily as long as your are under that effect (after the end of which the bless effect returns at the start of your next turn), and effects that end spells such as dispel magic disable the bless effect until the end of your next turn.

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