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Wondrous item, Rare (Automatically attuned to the creator once made)

A special crystal created by a lati which houses a fragment of their soul.


In order to craft a Soul Dew, a lati needs the following:

  • The lati has to be at least 6th Level or higher, with a Constitution score of at least 12, a Wisdom or Intelligence score of at least 14 and the Craft Wondrous Item feat
  • The lati needs to have a crystal orb worth at least 50gp in their possession to act as a base
  • The lati needs to know at least one spell which deals Psychic or Radiant damage but does not need to use it during the creation of the Soul Dew. Luster Purge does not count towards this requirement
  • The lati need to spend at least 4 hours a day, five or more days a week, channeling their energies into the crystal while holding it in one hand with a small cut to allow some of their blood to make contact with the Dew. For each hour doing this, their Max HP is temporally reduced by 1 for that day. The cut needs to come from a clean, sterile dagger or knife which hasn't been used for anything before. They can use the same dagger or knife so long as it is only used for this
  • The lati needs to spend a total of 500 hours channeling their energies into the orb before it is ready to become a Soul Dew
  • Once it is ready, the lati would need ritual components worth 500gp or more and must spend a Long Rest holding onto the orb. This Long Rest does not recover anything like a normal Long Rest does, but instead fills the orb with a fragment of the Lati's soul, finishing the creation of the Soul Dew

Soul Fragment. The Soul Dew contains a fragment of the lati's soul, making the Soul Dew permanently attuned to them while they remain alive. This reduces their hit point maximum by 1, along with 1 more for every level they have gained. However, as long as the Soul Dew is within range, the lati attuned to it has advantage on Death Saves. If they die while in range, their soul will be stored in the Soul Dew, extending the time they can remain dead for before being revived by a week, and it would need to be held by someone while casting either revivify, raise dead, reincarnate, resurrection, true resurrection or wish in order to revive the lati. Once revived, the Soul Dew will become inactive, and the lati would need to make a new one in order to gain the benefits again - however, as long as they keep the old Soul Dew with them, they would only need 250 hours of channeling their energies into the new Soul Dew to make the new one. If they die while outside the range of the Soul Dew, their body needs to get in range of the Soul Dew within 1 minute, or else the Soul Dew will become inactive, but would still be needed to revive the lati.

Psychic/Radiant Focus. When the Soul Dew is created, the Lati must choose, if they know at least one spell which deals Psychic damage and one which deals Radiant damage, which damage type to have attuned to it. If they only know spells which only deal one of the two damage types, the Soul Dew is automatically attuned to that damage type. This also affects the color of the Soul Dew, with Radiant Soul Dews being blue, and Psychic Soul Dews being red. Whenever casting a spell which deals damage of the type attuned to the Soul Dew, the DC for the target's save roll is increased by 2 and the Lati can roll one additional damage die and drop the lowest damage die they had rolled. Also, if being targeted by an attack of the same damage type, once per turn as a Reaction, they can reduce the DC for their save roll by 2 and force the attacker to roll one of their damage dice again and discard the highest damage die they had rolled.

Mega Evolution Extend. If the lati has the Mega Evolution feat, the Soul Dew (while in range) will grant them an additional chance to Mega Evolve. After using the bonus Mega Evolution, the bonus usage will refresh at dawn two days later.

A normal Radiant-attuned Soul Dew

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