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Wondrous Item, uncommon

One pouch of these contains 1d6 + 2 pearls. They appear to be normal pearls. A DC 13 Intelligence (Arcana) reveals them to be magical. If you break one of these pearls, a magical effect happens. Roll on the sorcerer's wild magic table(D&D 5e PHB pp. 104), or on one of the tables below. Feel free to add your own tables!

Table 1[edit]

D100 Effect
1 A magical explosion happens at the point of impact. Any creature within 5 ft of the point of impact takes D4 force damage and Is knocked prone. "Note:" This table is not finished
2 The nearest creature gains darkvision for 60 ft. If two creatures are the exact same distance away, flip a coin. If their are more than two, have them chosen by the DM.
3 All creature within 100 feet [in all the directions] have their all their sense swapped with another. This inculdes both PC's, NPC's and monsters. Ex: A Bob, with dark vision and scent is switched with a spider that has blindsight, and only blindsight 30'. Now, Bob has blindsight for 30' and the spider has darkvison and scent. The creatures they swap with are chosen by the Devil, I-I mean DM.
4 The thrower of the bead is dropped prone and loses their current turn. They remain prone until their next turn. They cannot stand up until the end of their next. Other than this, they still maintain their sense and reflex actions.
5 All creatures within 30ft turn bright blue. They have a disadvantage at stealth checks but other than that their is no other change. They remain like this for two minutes, and goes away after that time. No other action, even wish and remove curse, can change their color before that time is up.

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