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Potion, uncommon

The berserk potion is a dark red potion that when consumed, causes the drinker to enter a state of rage, enlarging their muscles and adding a slight red hue to the blood in their veins. While enraged, you can move up to 10 feet extra and you deal an extra 1d4 damage of the appropriate type when making melee weapon attacks. However, the berserk potion causes you to have disadvantage to Perception checks while enraged. Most berserk potions are carried in small glass vials in 1 dose quantities, because if multiple doses of berserk potion are consumed in 1 hour, the consumer takes 3d10 + 3 poison damage, due to the overflow of toxin in their system. You can either find or craft this potion. To craft this potion, you need a vial of distilled water mixed with a drop of orc blood, 2 crushed wyrmtongue petals, and a couple of lavender spriggs to counteract the poison from the wyrmtongue.

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