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Potion, Rare

A potion that allows the body to be freely edited like clay. The pale, cream colored liquid in this potion is thick like clay. When fully injested, the body becomes clay-like. Any creature can spend an action to edit the body. They can lengthen limbs, sculpt new limbs, compress limbs, rip pieces off, or virtually anything. Also, the drinker can fit through gaps 1 inch wide or larger. This lasts for 10 minutes, and all changes save after the duration.

Some notes: A creature can add other materials to the body, including more clay, scales, or leather. The materials bond with the skin, and clay becomes more skin. With an active source of clay, a creature can spend a minute to increase the drinkers size level by one.

The drinker is vulnerable to all damage during the duration, which is ten minutes. Also, a monster or enemy that can keep the drinker in one place can forcibly use water or fire to melt the drinker, and the drinker loses 1 size level this way every minute it is in effect.

Any Transmutation effects become permanent while this potion is in effect.

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