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Wondrous Item, very rare (requires attunement by a wizard)

The spellbook to replace all spellbooks

An arcanum spellbook is a collective source of any and all wizards spells; past, present and future. The spellbook allows wizards to have any spells that they can muster within the tomb expanding their already vast knowledge.

Ink and Quill. When preparing or copying new spells, an arcanum spellbook provides 1,000 gp worth of magical ink which can be replenished. The magical quill that the spellbook provides is so efficient that instead of the normal price and time to prepare or copy spells, it reduces them both by half. The price is reduced to a minimum of 10 gp per spell level and the time is reduced to a minimum of 30 minutes per spell level.

Limitless Scrolls. Within an arcanum spellbook's pages are scrolls that appear to be without end. A wizard attuned to this item is able to prepare spells equal to double their wizard level plus their Intelligence modifier. In addition, when copying spells from spell scrolls and the like, the wizard is able to copy these spells into this book by simply placing the scroll into the book as it takes the new scroll and magically sews the item into the books binding. The wizard must still spend the required time practicing any spells copied in this way as described in the wizard class on copying spells into your spellbook.

Superior Rituals. Arcanum spellbooks are able to assist in the ritual casting process to where it no longer takes 10 minutes to cast a ritual spell. Instead, it now takes the normal casting time to cast a ritual spell as a ritual.

Arcane Security. Arcanum spellbooks are enchanted with the following spells: alarm, arcane lock, illusory script and magic mouth. The alarm only triggers if someone that you do not allow touches or reads your spellbook. The arcane lock is not suppressed with the use of the knock spell. The illusory script makes it to where if someone were to read your spellbook it would just be utter nonsense. The magic mouth states a message, within the limits of the spell, of your choice when the book is opened.

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