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Staff, very rare (requires attunement)

These rods are imbued with magic that can contain the essence of one's spiritual self in a similar fashion to a weak lich's phylactery. This staff acts as a quarterstaff that grants a +2 bonus to attack rolls. When spells are cast through this weapon as an arcane focus, they receive a +2 bonus to damage rolls.

While attuned to this staff, a small part of your soul is kept within it. When you die, you will be reborn a week after your passing with none of your material possessions aside from the rod. To successfully be reborn, however, you must roll a d20, the result of which must be equal to or greater than 8 plus 2 per each time you've died while attuned to this rod. (For example: dying once means you must roll a 10, while dying twice means you must roll a 12.)

On a success, your soul is returned to a physical body that is exactly like your previous one, but your soul is worn and you gain a level of exhaustion. On a failure, you are reborn as a mindless meat-puppet and your soul is lost forever.

If you die of natural causes, are slain by some effect that prevents you from being brought to life, or a situation similar in nature happens, you cannot be reborn from the rod. If the rod is destroyed while you are attuned to it, a small portion of your soul is lost with it and, once you die, you cannot be brought back.

A Rod of Rebirth carved from rubies.

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