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April Fools!
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Rod, uncommon

The Multi-Action Rodsword™ is a product of Wondorporium Inc, a mysterious manufacturing company that produces a wide array of baffling and bizzare products with very odd qualities indeed. No one knows where they are headquartered nor how they secure the materials or the funds for the numerous useless commodities they sell through seventh-hand vendors that have the collective intelligence of an iron screw.

Longsword. The Multi-Action Rodsword™ is a 4-foot long stick of unobtainum that acts as a longsword, that you are proficient with, with the Ammunition, Finesse, Heavy, Light, Loading, Range(5/10), Reach, Reloading(∞), Special, Thrown(15/5), Two-Handed, and Versatile (1d8/1d&) properties.

Special. The Multi-Action Rodsword™ can be used as a rowboat with a sailing speed of 20ft, with which applicable proficiencies may apply. The rowboat has capacity for ten medium-sized creatures. One large creature counts as four medium creatures, one medium creature counts as four small creatures, e.t.c.

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