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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This necklace has 2d6 + 4 magic beads made from various gemstones. If a magic bead is removed from the necklace, that bead loses its magic.

Sixteen types of magic beads exist. The DM decides the type of each bead on the necklace or determines it randomly. A necklace can have more than one bead of the same type. As an action, you can touch one of the beads and gain the ability to speak, read and write a language indicated by the gemstone of the bead for 8 hours. When a language is spoken within 30 feet of the necklace or if you touch a piece of writing the associated bead if any glows slightly. Once a magic bead is used, that bead can't be used again until the next dawn.

If a bead is removed from the necklace a creature can use the bead as an action, the bead becoming nonmagical after its use.

d20 Language Gemstone
1 Common Hematite
2 Dwarvish Carnelian
3 Elvish Moonstone
4 Giant Quartz
5 Gnomish Tiger Eye
6 Goblin Malachite
7 Halfling Citrine
8 Orc Chrysoprase
9 Abyssal Jet
10 Celestial Topaz
11 Deep Speech Amethyst
12 Draconic Amber
13 Infernal Bloodstone
14 Auran Zircon
15 Aquan Pearl
16 Ignan Coral
17 Terran Spinel
18 Sylvan Chalcedony
19 Undercommon Obsidian
20 Thieves Can't Onyx

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