Moon Juice (5e Equipment)

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Potion, uncommon

When you drink this potion, you gain 3 temporary spell points. You may spend spell points to casts spells without consuming spell slots, at a rate of 1 spell point per spell level. You can only use spell points to cast spells at level you have spell slots for, but those spell slots can be expended. Spell points disappear after 1 hour of receiving them.

While you have temporary spell points from this potion, drinking another gives 1 less spell point for each potion in effect. Drinking a second potion while the first is still in effect gives 2 spell points, drinking a third while while the first two are still in effect gives 1 spell point. The maximum number of temporary spell points you can receive this way is 6. A Moon Juice potion is considered to be in effect until all spell points that it granted are consumed, either by being used or disappearing after 1 hour.

The liquid resembles molten silver filled with glitter, but flows likes water.

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