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Vehicle, uncommon

A dirigible modeled after sea-going vessels, nations in mountainous terrain often specialize in these vessels.

10x the normal cost of a ocean vessel of the same size class
24x the speed of water vessel of the same size, maximum altitude of five miles (26400ft) above sea level


Dependent on size. The largest size vessel can house a maximum of 120 cannons

4d4 damage on a hit and a additional 1d8 for every 1320 feet the target is below the vessel. Subtract 1 from the attack roll for every 1320 feet the vessel is above the target unless you have proficiency in intelligence or wisdom saving throws. Otherwise you only subtract 1 from attack rolls per 2640 feet instead of 1320.
3 rounds


The Flying Ship can have three different types of hull plating

add 1500 hit points, cost 8000gp per ship size class
Light Steel
add 2500 hit points, cost 15000 gp per ship size class
Heavy Plate
add 5500 hit points, cost 30000 gp per ship size class

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