Ambrosia and Nectar (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, very rare

This seemingly ordinary clay pot produces endless amounts of a golden, honey-like substance called "ambrosia and nectar" or ambrosia for short. If taken out of the pot and not consumed within 1 minute, the substance evaporates. Ambrosia and nectar are the food of the gods. They can heal a deity or a demigod for 4d8 + 8 hit points. However, anyone who is not a deity can only benefit once from eating ambrosia. They are able to benefit from ambrosia again after finishing a long rest. If eaten a second time before finishing a long rest, ambrosia causes 4d8+8 necrotic damage. Ambrosia can not be eaten by any other being, unless they are given a specific blessing from a god that allows them to eat ambrosia or possess levels in the cleric or paladin class and have not broken their vows. If they do eat it otherwise, they take 4d8 + 8 necrotic damage.

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