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Wondrous item, Legendary (requires attunement)

A brooch with a ladybug design on it. It almost feels like it's alive. It was once worn by the Primo Mafioso, Giorno Giovanna, and contains the power of his stand: Golden Experience. The brooch even contains some power of his stand's evolution: Golden Experience Requiem. The brooch contains 3 charges and regains 1 charge at the end of every day.

Golden Experience. You expend one charge and touch an item and a creature. The item becomes flesh of some manner that the creature needs, such as an eye, a hand, or a simple chunk of flesh to fill a wound. You replace the part of their body that has the wound or missing part and it is healed. If they suffered from an effect due to their missing part, such as their missing eye giving them disadvantage on certain checks, they no longer suffer from those effects. In addition, they recover 4d6 + 4 hit points. If you simply fill a wound with flesh, the creature heals an extra 2d6 hit points.

You will never reach the truth. You expend all your charges and touch a creature. The creature must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or they will disappear and become stuck in an infinite death loop, outside of time and space. The loop will have the creature die constantly in new agonizing, painful ways. The creature can only escape the loop by the aid of the wish spell or a power of similar effect. If the process is successful however, the brooch is destroyed and a new one will manifest randomly in the world after 1d6 months.

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