Twin Books of Long Distance Scribing (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, uncommon

These books usual come in pairs and can vary in size and materials, but are usually appear as 2 plain hardback books with no text on either the covers or the spine. They are warm to the touch and will react to a detect magic spell.

Books Of Long Distance Scribbing Enchantment. Basically a magical pair of books that anything you write in one will magically appear in its twin when someone has written in one its Twin will make low ringing sound for 1 minute or until the book is opened. If it is already open then it will not ring. It is possible to communicate at long distances in real time using these books so long as both are on the same plane. Messages written in either books will not be translated in the other book and will be erased at dawn of the next day. these books cannot be used as a wizard's spellbook and can be destroyed by normal means they are affected by anti-magic zones and pages that have been removed loose books enchantment upon removal The page and the book will restore itself if damaged but not destroyed at dawn of the following day. A wizard of moderate skill can create these books by using two blank masterwork hardback books a uncommon Diamond and will take 1 week to enchant both books after which the Diamond is completely consumed by the spell. you can use any writing tools that can be used to write on paper with to use these books you must be intelligent enough read and write to use these books Minimum Int score of 8 or higher.

These books can be purchased for 500 gold and cost 500 gold for the materials to create them. They can be used to communicate long distance so long as both books are on the same Plane. everything written in one books will magically appear in its twin after you write in it. anything written in the books is erased at dawn the following day. the books enchantment is effected by anti-magic effect. They can be easily destroyed like any other book. If the book is damaged but at least 25% of it still remains intact then the books will regenerate at dawn the following day. This form of communication can be intercepted by tradition magical means. meaning others can eavesdrop on a conversation with the right kind of spells without either books owner ever knowing of it. if you choose to draw in the book the image you drew will automatically get erased once your quill leaves the paper. attempting to write down a spell in one of these books is impossible and the moment you try the magic of the book will erase it and not transfer the information.

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