Springing Boots (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, legendary (minor) (requires attunement)

Made of thick leather, this white boot is shaped to fit on a person's right foot. Any creature that wears the boot has additional copies appear on each other foot, shaped to fit that foot instead. The copies disappear when removed or when the original boot is removed. In addition, the boot changes color to match the surroundings of any creature wearing it, returning to its original color when removed. You have a long jump distance equal to your speed and a high jump distance equal to half that while wearing the boot, with or without a running start. In addition, whenever you fall 10 or more feet, you treat the fall as if it were 20 feet less, reducing and potentially negating any damage you would otherwise take and potentially not falling prone.

Avoid a Blow. The boot has 6 charges and regains 1d4+2 charges daily at dawn. As a reaction to an attack roll being made against you or to you being put in the area of a spell or effect, you can expend 1 charge and jump to a space within your long jump distance. If you were being attacked, the attack misses you, and if you are still within the area of effect, you have advantage on your saving throw against it.

Leaps and Bounds. During your turn, you can use the boot to significantly increase your speed. Until the end of your turn, each time you would move 5 feet, you instead teleport to a space within half your long jump distance. You cannot teleport to a space behind a solid object, nor a space behind half or three-quarters cover. Once you use this property, the boot cannot be used in this way again until dawn the next day.

Survive a Fall If you would take bludgeoning damage from falling, you can instead choose to take no damage and not fall prone. Once you use this property, the boot cannot be used in this way again until dawn the next day.

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