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Wondrous item, legendary (each bracer requires separate attunement)

The portal bracers appear as two separate bracers, each a smooth white color that glistens in a way that feels alien and artificial. You must attune to each bracer separately. Two creatures can each attune to one of the bracers.

While attuned to and wearing at least one portal bracer, you can use your action to throw a dimly glowing orb a distance of up to 120 feet. One bracer creates a blue orb, while the other creatures an orange orb. If this orb hits an unoccupied, open five-foot square, it harmlessly creates upon that surface a flat, swirling circle the same color as the thrown orb. This circle remains until you use the bracer to create a new circle of the same color, or until 24 hours have passed. If the surface supporting this circle is destroyed, the circle disappears prematurely.

If two of these circles exist—one for each portal bracer—a dimensional portal is created between the two circles. Any object or creature which would pass into one circle instantly appears from the latter, even if involuntarily shoved into it. Sight and sound move through either portal as easily as it would an open doorway. Any creature or object wider than 5 feet along its shortest dimension cannot pass through one of these portals. If one of the portals is blocked, nothing can pass through it.

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