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Vehicle, rare

An ear coracle is a coracle that looks like a large ear. It can hold one medium or small humanoid or other creature with arms and hands to paddle it.

  • Appearing It will magically appear when first needed. It is created by the queen fey of the fey realm (left ear), or the queen fey of the unseelie realm (right ear). Either the queen or a minion she chooses can hear everything that is said in the presence of the coracle.
  • Size: It is sized to the creature intended, either medium or small. A small ear coracle can only be operated by a small creature. A medium ear coracle can only be operated by a medium creature. The coracle can only hold one creature.
  • Movement: The ear coracle will hold its position, even in fast moving water. The creature sitting in it is able to paddle it at a speed of 5 ft per turn in any direction regardless of the current.
  • Combat: The ear coracle is immune to bludgeoning, piercing or slashing by non-magical attacks by non-fey creatures, and to poison and acid. It has 20 hit points and an AC of 10.
  • Out of Water: If a creature pulls it out of the water, it will change shape to a fey shaped ear, which may be worn over the right or left ear depending on its shape. When worn this way, the fey or unseelie queen or chosen minion can hear everything the wearer hears. It resumes its coracle size when placed back in the water.
  • One Question: The coracle can be asked one question, and it must answer if the fey or unseelie queen knows (or thinks she knows) the answer. It then immediately disappears, even if someone is sitting in it.
  • Disappearing: The coracle (or ear) can disappear as magically as it appears at any time the queen loses interest in it (excepting when someone is sitting in it).

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