Coat of the Lycan King (5e Equipment)

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Armor (Magical Clothing), Legendary (requires attunement)

A dark brown vest with bits of black and and wolf teeth buttons. On the back is the symbol of a a pair of wolves eating the sun and the moon. The vest is made of wolf furs and is the result of a blacksmith working hard and using the hide of a legendary wolf to sow this vest in order to help his werewolf friend.

Notice: This item can only be equipped by Barbarians that are also of the werewolf race!

Notice: This item does not override unarmored defense!

Lord of the Hunt: Gain +2 on attack and damage rolls.

Head of the Pack: Gain +2 on initiative rolls.

A King does not bleed Gain +2 to AC and are immune to bleed effects.

Fight Tooth and Fang If rage is activated user grows elongated claws and canines, unarmed strikes deal an additional 1d4+strength modifier slashing damage, and can use an action to bite an enemy and deal 1d6+strength modifier piercing. (Gain +2 to hit and use strength as the roll to hit modifier)

Beast of the Hunt: As an action the user can use the special ability to shift into a controlled werewolf form where they are still capable of rational thought and can still use weapons and items. However if hit by a silvered weapon the user will be forced to make a DC=player level+2 Wisdom save or will lose their rationality and go feral. Can use their next action to reattempt the saving throw and come back to their senses. (Can also be used to shift back).

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