The Arcane Anvil (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare

This deep black anvil was forged in magical fire and carved with hundreds of arcane runes that still glow faintly. Employed by the armies of Hell or other forces that often rely on magical weaponry, this anvil can consume the power of a magical objects and bestow it upon the next item that is placed atop it. Any magic item positioned on the anvil and then struck by a hammer repeatedly for eight hours is utterly destroyed as its magic charges the anvil, overwriting any previously consumed enhancements. The next mundane item that touches the anvil instantly gains all enhancements of the consumed item and discharges the anvil. Enhancements that are not compatible with the newly created item are converted to best suit the item. (For example, if the last consumed item was a flametounge and the touching item is a shield, the item created may instead give the user fire resistance. The bearer must consult with the DM to determine the conversion.)

If this anvil is used in accordance with the proper utensils, such as the Smith’s tools, the bearer may create metal items with magical properties in one fifth of the time, and the creator does not need to be able to cast any spells that the item may produce. During the creation process, the creator does not need to be activly engaged for more than one hour every week, as the anvil can do so on it's own so long that it is aware of what it is creating.


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