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Wondrous Item, legendary

It looks like either of the below:

A brand new hardcover book with the title "Buyer's Guidebook", by an author named "Helpful Strokov", covered in plastic;

A slightly used book, with the title "Buyer's Guidebook" slightly flattened;

A yellowing book, spine slightly wrinkled and the title fading at the edges;

A yellowed book, spine very wrinkled, the cover page slightly torn, author's name faded;

A very old tattered book, spine missing, cover page missing, and first page slightly torn.

These descriptions indicate the amount of uses the book has left, from brand new, with 5 uses, and torn and tattered with 1 use left. The uses come in the form of ordinary rounded shiny stones with a slightly gold tinge(Stone of the Buyer (5e Equipment)). What for? To go to a place called Plane of the Buyer's Market (5e Environment), where buying anything becomes easy and money disappears fast!

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