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Buyer's Market[edit]

Commonly known simply as Buyer's Market, the Plane of the Buyer's Market is a strange place.


On one glance, it appears to be just a plain market, albeit a large one. In reality, it is a place of endless rows of shops, brick flooring and plain cloudy skies, without a sun to stare at. There, there is no need for food, water or anything, for hunger, thirst and exhaustion are alien to this plane, although food and water can be purchased. Here, only one thing is important: buyers. This plane is literally dedicated to buyers; any thing you might want is available here, be it the legendary Khazid'hea, a plain peasant's tunic, or even a deed to an unowned estate, at half-price. You can even purchase items such as handguns, ammo for handguns or even mercenaries totting gatling guns; such is the power of the place. Even legendary items can be purchased, twice or more. Afraid to lose Khazid'hea? Buy six!(if you have the money). Priceless items gain a price, legendary items become commonplace, and futuristic items become yesterday's fad, all this and more, at Buyer's Market!


There is no government here, for the stallholders are the government(think socialist governing). For an injustice to one is an injustice to all, and that the victim is given a choice on how to deal with the perpetrator. The coins each store gains is, through magic and a hint of alchemy, made into the wares the stalls sell. Here, the stallholders usually don't have quarrels(no two stores sell the same wares) but on the occasion they do, the surrounding store owners decide on the matter, but never when there are buyers. They keep to themselves, humorously joking with the buyers good-naturedly about neighbouring stalls, even if they are butting heads. The punishments they mete out, for stallholders, is different compared to buyers. If the buyer does not want to buy anything and is intent on stealing/rabble rousing/troublemaking, the buyer may be subjected to banishment from Buyer's Market, depending on the severity. Stallholders deemed at fault may become temporary advertisers, advertising their adversaries' wares for a limited time. But altogether, the place is a place of peace, money and sales. Refunds, warranties, returns or exchange is allowed, but only until 30 days later.


There is no physical way to get to Buyer's Market(it isn't just a place, it's a plane) and most magical methods don't bring you there. How then do you go to a nearly inaccessible place?

Method One Purchase a Stone of the Buyer (5e Equipment). It gives you a one-way pass to Buyer's Market. To return, spend every last ounce of coin you have. Will yourself home and, instantly, you will be teleported back.

Method Two Obtain a Buyer's Guidebook (5e Equipment). This give you a 1d5 time use teleporter to Buyer's Market. Again, to return, spend every coin you have. See Buyer's Guidebook (5e Equipment) for more information.

Method Three Get hit with an Advanced Mutation Bottle. If somehow you get a teleport to Buyer's Market, good job. Very risky though, as there are 99 other ways this could go. To return, spend every coin.

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