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This content deviates from 5e standards. Its use could dramatically alter campaigns, take extreme care. DesignDisclaimer.png
Caution - Here there be monsters!
This content intends to provide a different experience, or goes beyond the scope of the anticipated subjects and situations, than the 5e rules were intended to handle. Some portions of the content below may not be what you expect from traditional game content. When implementing this content, DMs and Players should read over all the information carefully, and consider the following specific notes of interest:
This item can change a pc's or a NPC's race and gender, and gives no warnings to the pcs that this item has this kind of effect if they are unfamiliar with the item in question. Not all players are comfortable with such drastic changes and as such you should discuss with your DM/players if their ok with it before introducing such an item.

Wondrous item, very rare

A small golden crown with two lines that look like eyes on it

A creature wearing this item becomes a female human with blonde hair and gains the racial bonuses of that while losing its original race bonuses. If the creature has int lower than 8 it becomes 8. The creature can speak common if it could not previously and gains quaterstaff proficiency. The creature also gains 30ft glide speed but must land at the end of its movement or fall to the ground with no fall damage. If the crown is removed the creature reverts to how it was before wearing the crown.


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